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A Universidade Carlos III de Madrid foi fundada em 1989. É uma das seis universidades públicas da Comunidade de Madrid, em/na Espanha. Possui três campi: em Getafe, em Leganés e em Colmenarejo.

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Searching by questionaire for the meaning of income inequality

Ballano, Carlos; Ruiz-Castillo, Javier
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: Trabalho em Andamento Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /12/1992 Português
Amien and Cowell (1992) have recently performed an experimental test by questionnaire to investigate whether a sample of individuals corroborate the general consensus found in the literature about a number of axioms on the meaning of 'inequality'. They obtained some mixed results. In this article we report on a replica of the experiment with some novelties: we introudce the role of political attitudes toward income redistribution to clarify the interpretation of some results; the questionnaire is enlarged in an attempt to give more room to notions of inequality imtermediate between the relative and absolute polar cases; and we provide a systematic treatment of the degree of consistency exhibited by the respondents.

Disaggregated welfare effects of agricultural price policies in urban Indonesia

Jensen, Helen; Manrique, Justo
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper; info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /09/1993 Português
This paper presents a theoretically consistent methodology that could be used to measure changes in different income groups' welfare level caused by alternative price policies. The paper details the basic stages of the methodology: classification of households in income groups, estimation of demand systems for each income group, and measurement of welfare changes using compensating variation measures. The methodology was applied to data related to expenditure and socioeconomic characteristics of Indonesian Urban households. A simulation analysis measuring the welfare changes under different pricing scenarios showed that the welfare of the low-income households was affected most by increases in the prices of rice and fish.

Equilibrium dynamics in two-sector models of endogenous growth

Ladrón de Guevara, Antonio; Ortigueira, Salvador; Santos, Manuel S.
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper; info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /05/1994 Português
This paper presents an account of the dynamics of endogenous growth models with physical capital and human capital. We consider some important extensions of the basic framework of Lucas (1988) and Uzawa (1964), including physical capital in the human capital technology and leisure activities as an additional argument of agents' welfare.

Strategy-proof mechanisms with monotonic preferences: The case of pure public goods economies

Moreno, Diego
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper; info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /11/1994 Português
This paper explores a typical public finance problem where there are m public goods (education, transportation, police, etc.) provided in limited amounts due to budget constraints, and where individual's preferences are not known. It is shown that all institutions (i.e., decision mechanisms) available to decide the allocation of goods have very unattractive properties: either the decision mechanisms are not compatible with individual's incentives, or they are dictatorial (i.e, they are based on a single individual's preferences).

Growth and macroeconomic performance in Spain 1939-1993

Prados de la Escosura, Leandro; Sanz, Jorge C.
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper; info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /12/1994 Português
A distinctive case of post-World war growth, Spain's experience over the last fifty years is examined in this paper. After presenting trends in aggregate performance within a comparative convergence framework, institutional and macroeconomic features are explored as its ultimate explanations. Main phases are distinguished that correspond to the autarchy period (1939-1959), the years of growth and delayed reconstruction (1959-1975), the relative stagnation of the transition from Franco's dictatorship to democracy (1975-1985) which ended with Spain's membership of the European Community and gave way to a short period of accelerating growth abruptly stopped by the early_ 1990's recession.

La deconstrucción de Dulcinea. Bases medievales de los modelos femeninos en el Quijote

Fuente, Mª Jesús
Fonte: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED Publicador: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em //2004 Português
Dulcinea y las otras mujeres que aparecen en e/Quijote configuran un panorama de retratos que dan sentido a la obra, casi tanto como las figuras de don Quijote y Sancho Panza. Podría compararse la importancia de las mujeres en el Quijote a la que tienen Jimena y sus hijas como soporte de la figura masculina del Campeador en el Poema de Mío Cid. La remembranza de estas dos obras apunta lo apropiado de buscar en las mujeres medievales los modelos femeninos de Don Quijote. Se ha apuntado que las mujeres del Quijote responden a modelos del Renacimiento o del Barroco, sin embargo, parecen mantener los valores femeninos de la Edad Media. Mediante el análisis de retratos, valores y papeles femeninos, se trata de vislumbrar si continúan los modelos diseñados en la Edad Media o si el Concilio de Trente y el Renacimiento introdujeron cambios importantes en la vida de las mujeres.; Women are an important parí of Don Quixote, // not as important as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Just as the Poema del Mió Cid does not make sense without Jimena and her daughters, so Don Quixote does not make sense without Dulcinea and others like her. In Don Quixote the knight's duties include honoring his lady and fighting for women at risk. Although some scholars have argued that the women of Don Quixote are models of the Renaissance or Baroque...

User Identity Issues in Mashups for Learning Experiences using IMS Learning Design

Fuente Valentín, Luis de la; Leony, Derick; Pardo Sánchez, Abelardo; Delgado Kloos, Carlos
Fonte: Inderscience Publishers Publicador: Inderscience Publishers
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em /01/2011 Português
The combination of services that provide personal information in technologies such as educational mashups brings some issues in the management of users' identity and authorization. This article presents a scenario based on the fact that an IMS LD server requires information relevant to each learner, and this information is provided by external services. This scenario allows to describe the problems of user correspondence, authenticated data retrieval, and remote account creation; a solution using technologies currently available is provided for each, as well as recommendations to take into account in similar scenarios.; This work has been partially funded by the Project Learn3 (TIN2008-05163/TSI) from the Plan Nacional I+D+I, the Spanish National Project FLEXO (TSI-020301-2008-19,www.ines.org.es/flexo) and ”Investigación y Desarrollo de Tecnologías para el e-Learning en la Comunidad de Madrid” funded by the Madrid Regional Government under grant No. S2009/TIC-1650.

A produçao brasileira em Ciência da Informaçao no exterior como reflexo de institucionalizaçao cienfífica; Brazilian production on information science abroad as a consequence of scientific institutionalization

Arboit, Aline Elis; Bufrem, Leilah Santiago; Moreiro González, José Antonio
Fonte: Escola de Ciência da Informação da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Publicador: Escola de Ciência da Informação da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em //2012 Português
Analisa o conceito de institucionalização científica e suas relações com a pesquisa no contexto da produção científica representada pelas publicações em livros, artigos de periódicos, capítulos de livro e trabalhos em eventos no exterior por pesquisadores brasileiros registrados nos currículos da Plataforma Lattes. Por meio de análise quantitativa e diacrônica, realizada a partir do levantamento das publicações, verifica a evolução dos documentos publicados fora do país, distribuição das publicações por país e por tipo de documento, além do perfil dos autores. Considera que os estudos analisados contribuem para o reconhecimento e visibilidade dos pesquisadores brasileiros em Ciência da Informação (CI) nos outros países e, consequentemente, para o fortalecimento da institucionalização científica deste campo no Brasil.; The paper analyzes the concept of scientific institutionalization and its relationship with research in the context of the scientific production published in books, journal articles, book chapters and lectures in events outside Brazil, by Brazilian researchers registered at the Plataforma Lattes. A qualitative and diachronic analysis was performed by means of a survey on the publications in an attempt to analyze the evolution in the number of Brazilian documents published abroad...

Transparent network-assisted flow mobility for multimedia applications in IMS environments

Vidal Fernández, Iván; Soto Campos, Ignacio; Calderón, María; Sandonís Consuegra, Víctor; García-Reinoso, Jaime
Fonte: IEEE Publicador: IEEE
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em /07/2013 Português
Cellular network operators are striving to solve the problem caused by the increasing volume of traffic over their networks. Given the proliferation of multi-interface devices, offloading part of the traffic to available access networks (e. g., WiFi or 3G access networks, even from other operators) seems to be a promising alternative. Here, we propose an IMS-compatible solution for flow mobility between access networks that exhibits two key features: flow mobility is transparent to both local applications at mobile nodes and their communication peers (e. g., multimedia content servers), and mobility operations are assisted by the network, so the home network supports the terminal in the process of access network discovery, and provides the terminal with policies that meet visited and home operators' roaming agreements while optimizing the use of their networks. The proposed solution has been validated using a real IMS testbed with Ethernet and WiFi access networks, where the mobility of UDP and TCP flows has been tested.; The work in this article has been partially granted by the Madrid Community through the MEDIANET project (S-2009/TIC-1468) and by the Celtic UP-TO-US project (TSI-020400-2010-114)

Eco-driving: ahorro de energía basado en el comportamiento del conductor

Corcoba Magaña, Víctor
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
El crecimiento del número de vehículos en circulación ha experimentado un fuerte aumento en los últimos 20 años. La generalización del uso del automóvil ha tenido efectos muy positivos en la economía de los países. Sin embargo, también ha provocado grandes problemas debido la contaminación y a la cantidad de energía que consumen. Por otra parte, la mayoría de los vehículos emplean hidrocarburos, que no se encuentran disponibles en todas las regiones, provocando dependencias energéticas entre países. Además, su extracción tiene un impacto muy grande en el medioambiente. Los vehículos se han convertido en un problema importante para los gobiernos y los habitantes, que sufren enfermedades respiratorias provocadas por los gases que emiten. Ante estos inconvenientes, los gobiernos han desarrollado normativas para regular las emisiones de los vehículos. Las conductores también han empezado a exigir vehículos que consuman menos debido al aumento del precio del combustible, convirtiéndose en un factor muy importante a la hora de comprar un vehículo. Todo esto ha contribuido a que los fabricantes introduzcan en los vehículos mejoras orientadas a reducir el consumo de combustible como: optimización del motor, reducción del peso del vehículo...

Multi-User 3D Virtual Environment for Spanish Learning: A Wonderland Experience

Ibáñez, María Blanca; García Rueda, José Jesús; Galán, Sergio; Maroto, David; Morillo, Diego; Delgado Kloos, Carlos
Fonte: Ieee - The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Inc Publicador: Ieee - The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Inc
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/bookPart; info:eu-repo/semantics/conferenceObject
Publicado em //2010 Português
In this paper, we describe a 3D virtual collaborative system designed for the learning of Spanish as a second language. Several initiatives for second language learning in 3D virtual worlds exploiting immersive, interactive and motivating features of these worlds have been carried out successfully during the last years. However, these systems tend to be sometimes too rigid from a pedagogical point of view, requiring the presence of a teacher. We have used the Wonderland development toolkit to deploy a 3D virtual learning environment, which is flexible enough to allow learners to improve their language skills with minimum teacher's help, setting up an instructional sequence in which fostered, motivating, and pre-designed collaboration is the key for self-learning. The environment includes technical issues such as natural text chatting with synthetic characters, textual tagging of virtual objects, automatic reading of texts, and the integration of a 3D mouse in learning sequences in order to exploit the capabilities of 3D virtual worlds.; This research has been partially supported by the following projects: The Spanish CDTI project “España Virtual” funded by the Ingenio 2010 programme, subcontracted by Deimos Space2. The Spanish project “Learn3: Towards Learing of the Third Kind” (TIN2008-05163/TSI) funded by the Spanish “Plan Nacional de I+D+i” of the Ministry of Research and Innovation. The project “eMadrid: Investigación y desarrollo de tecnologías para el e-learning en la Comunidad de Madrid” (S2009/TIC-1650) funded by the Government of the Region of Madrid.; Proceedings of: 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2010). Sousse...

STARR-DCS: Spatio-temporal adaptation of random replication for data-centric storage

Cuevas, Ángel; Urueña, Manuel; De Veciana, Gustavo; Yadav, Aditya
Fonte: Association for Computing Machinery Publicador: Association for Computing Machinery
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em /11/2013 Português
This article presents a novel framework for data-centric storage (DCS) in a wireless sensor and actor network (WSAN) that employs a randomly selected set of data replication nodes, which also change over time. This enables reductions in the average network traffic and energy consumption by adapting the number of replicas to applications' traffic, while balancing energy burdens by varying their locations. To that end, we propose and validate a simple model to determine the optimal number of replicas, in terms of minimizing average traffic/energy consumption, based on measurements of applications' production and consumption traffic. Simple mechanisms are proposed to decide when the current set of replication nodes should be changed, to enable new applications and nodes to efficiently bootstrap into a working WSAN, to recover from failing nodes, and to adapt to changing conditions. Extensive simulations demonstrate that our approach can extend a WSAN's lifetime by at least 60%, and up to a factor of 10× depending on the lifetime criterion being considered. The feasibility of the proposed framework has been validated in a prototype with 20 resource-constrained motes, and the results obtained via simulation for large WSANs have been also corroborated in that prototype.; ; The research leading to these results has been partially funded by the Spanish MEC under the CRAMNET project (TEC2012-38362-C03-01) and the FIERRO project (TEC 2010- 12250-E)...

Understanding the evolution of multimedia content in the internet through bittorrent glasses

Farahbakhsh, Reza; Crespi, Noel; Cuevas, Ángel; Cuevas, Rubén; González Sánchez, Roberto
Fonte: IEEE Publicador: IEEE
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em /12/2013 Português
Today's Internet traffic is mostly dominated by multimedia content and the prediction is that this trend will intensify in the future. Therefore, main Internet players, such as ISPs, content delivery platforms (e. g. Youtube, Bitorrent, Netflix, etc) or CDN operators, need to understand the evolution of multimedia content availability and popularity in order to adapt their infrastructures and resources to satisfy clients requirements while they minimize their costs. This paper presents a thorough analysis on the evolution of multimedia content available in BitTorrent. Specifically, we analyze the evolution of four relevant metrics across different content categories: content availability, content popularity, content size and user's feedback. To this end we leverage a large-scale dataset formed by four snapshots collected from the most popular BitTorrent portal, namely The Pirate Bay, between Nov. 2009 and Feb. 2012. Overall our dataset is formed by more than 160k content that attracted more than 185M of download sessions.; The research leading to these results was funded by the European Union under the project eCOUSIN (EU-FP7-318398) and the project TWIRL (ITEA2-Call 5-10029), the Spanish MECD under the CRAMNET project (TEC2012-38362-C03- 01)...

iCanCloud: a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure simulator

Núñez, Alberto; Vázquez Poletti, J.L.; Caminero, C.; González Castañé, Gabriel; Carretero Pérez, Jesús; Llorente, Ignacio M.
Fonte: Springer Publicador: Springer
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em /03/2012 Português
Simulation techniques have become a powerful tool for deciding the best starting conditions on pay-as-you-go scenarios. This is the case of public cloud infrastructures, where a given number and type of virtual machines (in short VMs) are instantiated during a specified time, being this reflected in the final budget. With this in mind, this paper introduces and validates iCanCloud, a novel simulator of cloud infrastructures with remarkable features such as flexibility, scalability, performance and usability. Furthermore, the iCanCloud simulator has been built on the following design principles: (1) it's targeted to conduct large experiments, as opposed to others simulators from literature; (2) it provides a flexible and fully customizable global hypervisor for integrating any cloud brokering policy; (3) it reproduces the instance types provided by a given cloud infrastructure; and finally, (4) it contains a user-friendly GUI for configuring and launching simulations, that goes from a single VM to large cloud computing systems composed of thousands of machines.; This research was partially supported by the following projects: Spanish MEC project TESIS (TIN2009-14312-C02-01), and Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation under the grant TIN2010-16497.

Uruguay and the First Globalization. On the accuracy of export performance, 1870-1913

Bonino-Gayoso, Nicolás; Tena Junguito, Antonio; Willebald, Henry
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/draft; info:eu-repo/semantics/workingPaper
Publicado em 01/01/2015 Português
In order to understand Uruguayan long-run economic evolution it becomes crucial to interpret its export performance during the First Globalization. The lack of accuracy of official figures, especially official prices used, calls for an adjustment of Uruguayan exports series. We have used empirical evidence to test the accuracy of quantities and values of exports' records, first, according to import partners' records and, second, according to international market prices. Results show a general undervaluation of official export values during the period along with severe distortions in the registers caused by transit trade. We reconstructed new Uruguayan export f.o.b values and export price index, which present an export evolution more unstable and less dynamic than the one showed by its neighbor Argentina.; Antonio Tena-Junguito and Henry Willebald are thankful for the financial support of the “Proyecto Ministerio Ciencia y Tecnología de España MCI: ECO2011-25713”

Algoritmos para la reducción de los picos de potencia en los sistemas OFDM

Paredes Paredes, Martha Cecilia
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
La modulación OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) es una técnica de transmisión multiportadora, que debido a sus grandes ventajas se utiliza en numerosos estándares de comunicaciones de banda ancha. Sin embargo, uno de los principales inconvenientes que presenta la modulación OFDM, en el lado transmisor, es la presencia ocasional de grandes picos en su potencia instantánea con respecto a su potencia media, conocido en la literatura como el problema de la PAPR (Peak-to-Average Power Ratio) de los sistemas OFDM. Al pasar la señal con PAPR elevada por el amplificador de alta potencia (HPA - High Power Amplifier ) se produce saturación del dispositivo, provocando radiación fuera de banda, que afecta a las bandas adyacentes, y radiación dentro de banda, que produce rotación, atenuación y desplazamiento de la señal, provocando un incremento en la tasa de error de bit (BER - Bit Error Rate). Para contrarrestar estos efectos, se debe reducir la PAPR de la senñal OFDM transmitida con algún tipo de manipulación en la señal. Una de las técnicas de reducción de la PAPR más prometedoras es la técnica CE (Constellation Extension), que mueve inteligentemente ciertos puntos externos de la constelación del símbolo OFDM en el dominio de la frecuencia...

Applying low discrepancy sequences for node-ID assignment in P2PSIP

Cuevas, Rubén; Cuevas, Ángel; Urueña, Manuel; Banchs, Albert
Fonte: IEEE Publicador: IEEE
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em /02/2011 Português
The IETF P2PSIP Working Group is currently designing a standard overlay protocol, named RELOAD, that employs a centralized node identifier (node-id) assignment for security reasons. Given this scenario, we propose the utilization of a Low Discrepancy Sequence (LDS) for the assignment of node-ids in the P2PSIP architecture. We perform an analytical and simulation study considering a Chord DHT that demonstrates that using a LDS-based node-id assignment guarantees a fair distribution of the node's zone of responsibility, even in high churn scenarios. Previous studies have shown that a fairer distribution of the zones of responsibility sizes leads to a fairer distribution of the storage and routing load. Therefore we conclude that the proposed LDS node-id assignment provides these features without adding any extra overhead.; This work has been partially supported by the EU through the FP7 TREND Project (257740), the Spanish Government through the T2C2 project (TIN2008-06739-C04-01), and the Regional Government of Madrid through the MEDIANET project (S-2009/TIC- 1468).

Introducing a Robust and Efficient Stopping Criterion for MOEA's

Guerrero Madrid, José Luis; Martí, Luis; Berlanga, Antonio; García, Jesús; Molina, José M.
Fonte: IEEE - The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Inc Publicador: IEEE - The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Inc
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/conferenceObject; info:eu-repo/semantics/bookPart
Publicado em //2010 Português
Soft computing methods, and Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs) in particular, lack a general convergence criterion which prevents these algorithms from detecting the generation where further evolution will provide little improvements (or none at all) over the current solution, making them waste computational resources. This paper presents the Least Squares Stopping Criterion (LSSC), an easily configurable and implementable, robust and efficient stopping criterion, based on simple statistical parameters and residue analysis, which tries to introduce as few setup parameters as possible, being them always related to the MOEAs research field rather than the techniques applied by the criterion.; This work was supported in part by Projects CICYT TIN2008-06742-C02-02/TSI, CICYT TEC2008-06732-C02-02/TEC, CAM CONTEXTS (S2009/TIC- 1485) and DPS2008-07029-C02-02; Proceedings of: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2010 (WCCI 2010): IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2010). Barcelona, Spain, 18-23 July 2010.

Amar en tiempos revueltos: métodos de trabajo y razones de un éxito

Molina Cañabate, Juan Pedro; Lara Padilla, María Tíscar; Lamuedra Graván, María
Fonte: ITESM Campus Estado de México, Proyecto Internet Publicador: ITESM Campus Estado de México, Proyecto Internet
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion; info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Publicado em /02/2010 Português
Amar en tiempos revueltos, serie producida por Diagonal TV y que emite Televisión Española desde hace cuatro años, es una de las series más vistas de la cadena estatal española, llegando a unos shares del 29,9 por ciento. Ente otras distinciones, obtuvo la Medalla de Plata a la mejor serie dramática en el Festival Internacional de Programas de Televisión y Promociones de Nueva York en 2007 y fue finalista en el TVFest de Monte Carlo en 2008. Próximamente, Amar en tiempos revueltos podrá verse en su versión original en Estados Unidos y América Latina gracias al acuerdo alcanzado entre Diagonal TV y Telemundo (propiedad de NBC Universal). En apariencia, el éxito de esta serie radica en causas perceptibles, manifiestas, como el trabajo artístico de los actores y su dirección, la escenografía, el vestuario, o unos guiones bien tramados y con buenos diálogos. Sin embargo, para que todos estos elementos puedan unirse para crear un producto de éxito, es necesaria una gestión que va más allá de lo empresarial y que está basada en la comunicación interna.; Amar en tiempos revueltos, produced by Diagonal TV and shown by the Spanish Public Service Broadcasting Corporation, is one of Televisión Española's most popular series with a 20.8 per cent share. Its success can be put down to the skill a nd expertise of both actors and directors and the care given to both sets and wardrobe...

Estudio de soluciones domóticas y gestor web para cuidadores de enfermos de alzheimer

García Rodríguez, Víctor Miguel
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis; info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
El vertiginoso avance tecnológico experimentado en los últimos años ha contribuido al desarrollo de la domótica o “Tecnología aplicada al hogar”, con la finalidad de mejorar la comodidad, la seguridad y, en definitiva, el bienestar dentro de los hogares. Este proyecto tiene como objetivo el estudio de soluciones y tecnologías domóticas para su aplicación en entornos de enfermos de Alzheimer y cuidadores. Así mismo se diseñará una web para que los cuidadores puedan buscar soluciones e información. Este proyecto sirve de guía tanto para los familiares como para cuidadores no profesionales sobre las tecnologías actuales y las que están en desarrollo, para hacer llegar y hacer más accesible la tecnología domótica a los hogares de las familias que conviven con la enfermedad de Alzheimer para que los familiares sepan que la innovación, aquella que aumenta la calidad de nuestra vida cotidiana, está al servicio tanto para los cuidadores como para los pacientes.; The rapid technological advancement in recent years has contributed to the development of home automation or "technology applied to home", in order to improve the comfort, safety and ultimately, wall-being within households. This project aims at studying home automation solutions and technologies for application in environments Alzheimer patients and caregivers. It also will design a website for caregivers to seek solutions and information. This project serves as a guide for both families and for carers on current technologies and those under development...