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Particle filters for tracking in wireless sensor networks

Achutegui Roncal, Katrin
Fonte: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid Publicador: Universidade Carlos III de Madrid
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
Relevância na Pesquisa
The goal of this thesis is the development, implementation and assessment of efficient particle filters (PFs) for various target tracking applications on wireless sensor networks (WSNs). We first focus on developing efficient models and particle filters for indoor tracking using received signal strength (RSS) in WSNs. RSS is a very appealing type of measurement for indoor tracking because of its availability on many existing communication networks. In particular, most current wireless communication networks (WiFi, ZigBee or even cellular networks) provide radio signal strength (RSS) measurements for each radio transmission. Unfortunately, RSS in indoor scenarios is highly influenced by multipath propagation and, thus, it turns out very hard to adequately model the correspondence between the received power and the transmitterto- receiver distance. Further, the trajectories that the targets perform in indoor scenarios usually have abrupt changes that result from avoiding walls and furniture and consequently the target dynamics is also difficult to model. In Chapter 3 we propose a flexible probabilistic scheme that allows the description of different classes of target dynamics and propagation environments through the use of multiple switching models. The resulting state-space structure is termed a generalized switching multiple model (GSMM) system. The drawback of the GSMM system is the increase in the dimension of the system state and...