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Statistical inference of nonlinear Granger causality: a semiparametric time series regression analysis.

Lee, Sooyoung
Fonte: Universidade de Adelaide Publicador: Universidade de Adelaide
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
Publicado em //2013 Português
Relevância na Pesquisa
Since the seminal work of Granger (1969), Granger causality has become a useful concept and tool in the study of the dynamic linkages between economic variables and to explore whether or not an economic variable helps forecast another one. Researchers have suggested a variety of methods to test the existence of Grangercausality in the literature. In particular, linear Granger causality testing has been remarkably developed; (see, for example, Toda & Philips (1993), Sims, Stock & Watson (1990), Geweke (1982), Hosoya (1991) and Hidalgo (2000)). However, in practice, the real economic relationship between different variables may often be nonlinear. Hiemstra & Jones (1994) and Nishiyama, Hitomi, Kawasaki & Jeong (2011) recently proposed different methods to test the existence of any non-linear Granger causality between a pair of economic variables under a α-mixing framework of data generating process. Their methods are general with nonparametric features, which however suffer from curse of dimensionality when high lag orders need to be taken into consideration in applications. In this thesis, the main objective is to develop a class of semiparametric time series regression models that are of partially linear structures, with statistical theory established under a more general framework of near epoch dependent (NED) data generating processes...