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Our ethical nature. Fashion. Architecture. Environment

Quinn McDonagh, Lauren
Fonte: School of Architecture, University of Limerick Publicador: School of Architecture, University of Limerick
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Relevância na Pesquisa
non-peer-reviewed; My main interest i s fashion. It always has been. When thinking of how I could begin a thesis in archi tecture I started cutting, folding and pleating a piece of paper as if it were material. Where better to begin than physically changing the state of an obsolete object? It then struck me, fundamentally archi tecture and fashion are the same. We wear clothes to cover our bodies and to stay warm. From the beginning of time animal hides were used for clothing and for their housing just at different scales. The clothing(hide) covers the body and the tent houses the person. One might have to wear certain types of clothing for professional or cultural reasons. Or we may choose a certain way to dress to form our identity. There are various reasons as to why we choose how we dress ourselves, but in most cases it comes down to aesthetics. Today there is certainly no lack of diversity within the clothing empi re with new garments in store every week. Thus Fast fashion is created, surrounded with all i ts ethical problems. Unfortunately their problems not imprinted on the label. I then began to think about the simi larities between the two disciplines(archi tecture and fashion) but also the differences. What can each adopt from one another? The idea of immediacy and obsolescence within the fashion world is something which rarely...