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Public Wrongs, Private Actions : Civil Lawsuits to Recover Stolen Assets

Brun, Jean Pierre; Dubois, Pascale Helene; van der Does de Willebois, Emile; Hauch, Jeanne; Jaïs, Sarah; Mekki, Yannis; Sotiropoulou, Anastasia; Sylvester, Katherine Rose; Uttamchandani, Mahesh
Fonte: Washington, DC: World Bank Publicador: Washington, DC: World Bank
Tipo: Publications & Research :: Publication
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Corruption and thefts of public assets harm a diffuse set of victims, weakens confidence in public institutions, damages the private investment climate, and threatens the foundations of the society as a whole. In developing countries with scarce public resources, the cost of corruption is an impediment to development: developing countries lose between US$20 to US$40 billion each year through bribery, misappropriation of funds, and other corrupt practices. Corruption is by no means a "victimless crime." This study aims to explore the standing of States and Government entities as victims and the possible recourse to private actions to redress public wrongs. States and Government entities may act as private litigants and bring civil suits to recover assets lost to corruption. The goal of this work is to promote knowledge and understanding as well as to increase the use of civil remedies and private lawsuits to recover stolen assets in the context of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) offences. The UNCAC...