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The Brazil current: typology and physical biogeochemical domains

Souza, Weber Friederchs Landim de; Marone, Eduardo; Knoppers, Bastiaan A.; Silveira, Ilson C. da; Godoi, Sueli S. de
Fonte: Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Publicador: Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia
Tipo: Parte de Livro
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Carbon and Nutrient Fluxes in Continental Margins: A Global Synthesis. Springer-Verlag: Berlin, 2010, v. , p. 153-170.; The Brazil Current represents the western boundary current of the Subtropical South Atlantic Gyre. It meanders in a North-South direction along the East, Southeast and South ocean margin of Brazil. Most studies dealt with the dynamics of its North-South transport and the distribution and mixing processes of its water masses. More effort is now set towards describing the mechanisms that drive eddy formations and the meandering behavior over and along the East and Southeast Brazil shelves, as well as, the very complex pattern of the Brazil-Malvinas confluence along south Brazil. On the other hand, quantitative evaluation of the across shelf transport has received less attention, making it almost impossible to quantify it. Barely, one could try to estimate the relative importance between the along and across shelf components and, as such, material transport processes from the shelf to the ocean. This contribution presents a concise view of the dynamics of the Brazil Current and characterizes the system into distinct physical, biogeochemical and ecological domains, in accordance to the degree of material input from land...