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Stimulating Broadband Adoption in Delaware: A Planning Tool

Homsey, Andrew; Patterson, Theodore; O'Boyle, Todd
Fonte: Universidade de Delaware Publicador: Universidade de Delaware
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published in coordination with and funded through the Delaware Department of Technology and Information; In  mid-­‐December  2009,  the  state  of  Delaware  was  awarded  funds  to  research  and  publish   broadband  options  for  its  citizens.  Governor  Jack  Markell  designated  the  Department  of   Technology  and  Information  (DTI)  as  the  agency  to  receive,  apply,  and  implement  the   funds,  according  to  the  guidelines  and  mandates  of  the  National  Telecommunications  and   Information  Administration  (NTIA).     In  2010  the  broadband-­‐mapping  portion  of  this  program  was  initiated  by  DTI,  consisting  of   data  collection,  the  development  of  a  statewide  broadband-­‐availability  map,  transmission   of  those  data  to  NTIA  for  the  development  of  its  national  broadband  map,  and  the  long-­‐ term  maintenance  of  these  data  by  the  state.    The  University  of  Delaware’s  Institute  for   Public  Administration  (IPA)  is  assisting  DTI  with  project-­‐data  collection...