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Chris Eagle: Attacking Obfuscated Code with IDA Pro-(Partial Japanese)

Eagle, Chris
Fonte: Escola de Pós-Graduação Naval Publicador: Escola de Pós-Graduação Naval
Tipo: Áudio
Relevância na Pesquisa
Virtually every virus and worm that circulates the Internet today is ""protected"" by some form of obfuscation that hides the code's true intent. In the Window's world where worms prevail, the use of tools such as UPX, ASPack, and teLock has become standard. Protection of malicious code is not the only goal of binary obfuscators however which can be used to protect intellectual property. In the Linux world, tools such as Burneye and Shiva exist which can be used in ways similar to any Window's obfuscation tool. To fight such methods, analysts have created specific tools or techniques for unraveling these code obfuscators in order to reveal the software within. To date, in the fight against malware, anti-virus vendors have had the luxury of focusing on signature development since obfuscation of malware has presented little challenge. To combat this, malware authors are rapidly morphing their code in order to evade quickly developed and deployed signature-matching routines. What will happen when malware authors begin to morph their obfuscation techniques as rapidly as they morph their worms? While not designed specifically as a malware protection tool, one program, Shiva, aims to do exactly that. Shiva forces analysis of malicious code to be delayed while analysts fight through each novel mutation of Shiva's obfuscation mechanism. This...