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A Space weather information service based upon remote and in-situ measurements of coronal mass ejections heading for Earth: A concept mission consisting of six spacecraft in a heliocentric orbit at 0.72 AU

Ritter, Birgit; Meskers, Arjan J. H.; Miles, Oscar; Ru??wurm, Michael; Scully, Stephen; Rold??n Aranda, Andr??s; Hartkorn, Oliver; J??stel, Peter; R??ville, Victor; Lupu, Sorina; Ruffenach, Alexis
Fonte: EDP Sciences Publicador: EDP Sciences
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
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The Earth???s magnetosphere is formed as a consequence of interaction between the planet???s magnetic field and the solar wind, a continuous plasma stream from the Sun. A number of different solar wind phenomena have been studied over the past 40 years with the intention of understanding and forecasting solar behavior. One of these phenomena in particular, Earth-bound interplanetary coronal mass ejections (CMEs), can significantly disturb the Earth???s magnetosphere for a short time and cause geomagnetic storms. This publication presents a mission concept consisting of six spacecraft that are equally spaced in a heliocentric orbit at 0.72 AU. These spacecraft will monitor the plasma properties, the magnetic field???s orientation and magnitude, and the 3D-propagation trajectory of CMEs heading for Earth. The primary objective of this mission is to increase space weather forecasting time by means of a near real-time information service, that is based upon in-situ and remote measurements of the aforementioned CME properties. The obtained data can additionally be used for updating scientific models. This update is the mission???s secondary objective. In-situ measurements are performed using a Solar Wind Analyzer instrumentation package and fluxgate magnetometers...