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Mercury bioaccumulation, human exposure, and fish consumption recommendations regarding mercury intake; Bioacumulação de mercúrio, exposição humana e recomendações para o consumo de peixe considerando a ingestão de mercúrio

Vieira, Hugo Miguel Coelho da Silva
Fonte: Universidade de Aveiro Publicador: Universidade de Aveiro
Tipo: Dissertação de Mestrado
Relevância na Pesquisa
Mercury (Hg) is classified as a pollutant of primary importance because of its high degree of toxicity, persistence and bioaccumulative properties, especially in the aquatic environment. It is released from natural and anthropogenic sources, and once in the environment, the inorganic Hg can be converted in to organic Hg (Methylmercury – MeHg) through bacterial processes. MeHg tends to bioaccumulate and biomagnify through the food web, representing a serious risk to human health. Due to the health risks of excessive Hg exposure, international agencies such as the USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) have established safety levels (reference doses (RfD)) of daily exposure, being the Hg concentration present in human hair used to estimate MeHg exposure. Fish is an important component of a healthy diet for the human population and the fish consumption is expected to be relatively stable in the next two decades; however, fish is also considered a major source of MeHg exposure to human population. The key question of the present study was evaluating the Hg bioaccumulation in humans based in fish consumption. Specific tasks were delineated: (i) evaluatue the human exposure to Hg via fish consumption using a food frequency questionnaire...