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An investigation into the nature of mathematics textbooks at junior cycle and their role in mathematics education

O'Keeffe, Lisa
Fonte: University of Limerick Publicador: University of Limerick
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Relevância na Pesquisa
peer-reviewed; This research study is aimed at improving the quality of the mathematics textbooks available for junior cycle students. It is widely agreed that there is room for improvement with regard to the quality of mathematics at both junior and senior cycle level in Ireland. One such area which can be improved is the e ectiveness of the resources available in both junior and senior cycle mathematics classrooms. While the TIMSS report (Valverde et al., 2002) has explored textbooks on an international scale, minimal research (minor role in TIMSS Report) has been carried out on Irish mathematics textbooks. Considering the level of responsibility shouldered by mathematics textbooks, there is an obvious gap in mathematics education research. The aim of this study is to investigate the quality of the mathematics textbooks currently in use at junior secondary school level in Ireland. This is achieved by investigating, extending and applying suitable methodological tools for textbook analysis. Ultimately the aim of this research is to improve the quality of teaching and learning of mathematics at junior cycle level which should feed directly into improving the quality of mathematics at senior cycle. This will be achieved by rst measuring the quality of the current junior cycle mathematics textbooks and then highlighting the role of improved textbooks in students' conceptual under- standing. At present in Ireland...