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Adaptive Distributed Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Lim, Hock Beng; Lam, Vinh The; Foo, Mao Ching; Zeng, Yulian
Fonte: MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Publicador: MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Wireless sensor networks have emerged as a promising technology for a wide range of important applications. A major research challenge in this field is the distributed resource allocation problem, which concerns how the limited resources in a wireless sensor network should be allocated or scheduled to minimize costs and maximize the network capability. In this paper, we propose the Adaptive Distributed Resource Allocation (ADRA) scheme, an adaptive approach for distributed resource allocation in wireless sensor networks. Our scheme specifies relatively simple local actions to be performed by individual sensor nodes in a wireless sensor network for mode management. Each node adapts its operation over time in response to the status and feedback of its neighboring nodes. Desirable global behavior results from the local interactions between nodes. We study the effectiveness of the ADRA scheme for a realistic application scenario; namely, the sensor mode management in an acoustic sensor network to track vehicle movement. We evaluated the scheme via simulations, and also prototyped it using the Crossbow MICA2 motes. Our simulation and hardware implementation results indicate that the ADRA scheme provides a good tradeoff between performance objectives such as coverage area...