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Repercussão do ato administrativo extinto na responsabilidade penal ambiental

Costa, Geyson Nunes da
Fonte: Universidade de Lisboa Publicador: Universidade de Lisboa
Tipo: Dissertação de Mestrado
Publicado em //2009 Português
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Tese de mestrado, Administração Pública, Faculdade de Direito, Universidade de Lisboa, 2010; O Direito Ambiental aliado ao Direito Administrativo e ao Direito Penal possibilitam maior efetividade das medidas protetoras do Meio Ambiente. O Direito Penal deve ser utilizado de forma mínima, com penas proporcionais e justas, na medida certa para cada delito ambiental. Através de atos administrativos utilizados em larga escala em todo mundo dá-se o impulso necessário ao fiel cumprimento de normas, em especial tratamos daquelas que dizem respeito ao Meio Ambiente. Os atos administrativos quando expedidos em desconformidade com a legislação podem ter sua eficácia convalidada, caso seja possível sua permanência no ordenamento ou caso contrário deverá ter sua invalidação declarada, ou ainda, por oportunidade e conveniência, um ato válido poderá ser revogado, permanecendo os seus efeitos até a data da revogação.; The Environmental Law combined with the Administrative Law and the Criminal Law enables greater effectiveness of protective measures on the Environment. The Criminal Law should be used on a minimum, with fair and proportionate sentences, in some measure for each environmental crime. Through administrative acts used extensively throughout the world gives it the necessary impetus to the faithful fulfillment of standards...

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals: analysis of sustained decisions on DOD supply contract disputes.

Parsons, Robert Douglas
Fonte: Monterey, California : Naval Postgraduate School Publicador: Monterey, California : Naval Postgraduate School
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado Formato: 96 p.
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The purpose of this thesis is to identify deficiencies in the Federal Government's acquisition process through an analysis of ASBCA decisions for the period 1981 through 1985. The study focused upon Department of Defense contract default terminations whose conversion to terminations for the convenience of the Government resulted from Board decisions. The essence of the study was to determine if meaningful conclusions could be drawn from the analysis that could be used to improve the acquisition process. Using this research methodology several deficiencies were found, such as, actions and inactions by the acquisition team that waived the Government's right to subsequently pursue a default termination, lack of communications and basic contract knowledge, inadequate training, and a general misunderstanding of the substantial compliance aspects in contracts requiring first article units. Additional research is required, however this study concluded that analysis of sustained ASBCA appeals could be a useful technique for making improvements to the acquisition process.; http://archive.org/details/armedservicesboa00pars; NA; NA

Cost benefit analysis of the Department of the Navy's F-5 Tiger II contract

Brown, Jeffery C.; DeGuzman, Robert K., Jr.; Fulford, Thomas S., III; Porter, Jesse E.; Brown, Jeffery C.; DeGuzman, Robert K., Jr.; Fulford, Thomas S., III
Fonte: Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School Publicador: Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School
Formato: xii, 121 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
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MBA Professional Report; Approved for public release: distribution is unlimited; MBA Professional Report; Approved for public release: distribution is unlimited; This project consists of a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of the costs, issues and effects associated with replacing the F-5E/F Tiger II aircraft with F/A-18A/B. The three alternatives analyzed are (1) continued operation of the F-5E/F, (2) replacement of the F-5 with F/A-18A/B by 2008, and (3) installation of 4th generation pulse-doppler radar in the F-5E/F by 2008. The objective was to compare the three alternatives, choosing the alternative which provides the greatest net benefit and most efficient use of resources. The analysis involved data collection of operational costs per flight hour, total cost over the life of the program, and Contractor supported maintenance. Data for this research project were gathered from the actual maintenance contracts for both the F-5E/F Tiger II and F/A-18A/B aircraft at Fallon, NV, Naval Aviation Systems Command, and OFC-20. Our results suggest that NAVAIR should continue to use the F-5E/F Tiger II aircraft for the VFC-13 adversary training mission through 2014.; Lieutenant Commander, Supply Corps, United States Navy; Lieutenant Commander...

A prospective, randomised study to compare two palliative radiotherapy schedules for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Senkus-Konefka, E; Dziadziuszko, R; Bednaruk-Młyński, E; Pliszka, A; Kubrak, J; Lewandowska, A; Małachowski, K; Wierzchowski, M; Matecka-Nowak, M; Jassem, J
Fonte: Nature Publishing Group Publicador: Nature Publishing Group
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
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A prospective randomised study compared two palliative radiotherapy schedules for inoperable symptomatic non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). After stratification, 100 patients were randomly assigned to 20 Gy/5 fractions (fr)/5 days (arm A) or 16 Gy/2 fr/day 1 and 8 (arm B). There were 90 men and 10 women aged 47–81 years (mean 66), performance status 1–4 (median 2). The major clinical characteristics and incidence and degree of initial disease-related symptoms were similar in both groups. Treatment effects were assessed using patient's chart, doctor's scoring of symptomatic change and chest X-ray. Study end points included degree and duration of symptomatic relief, treatment side effects, objective response rates and overall survival. A total of 55 patients were assigned to arm A and 45 to arm B. In all, 98 patients received assigned treatment, whereas two patients died before its termination. Treatment tolerance was good and did not differ between study arms. No significant differences between study arms were observed in the degree of relief of all analysed symptoms. Overall survival time differed significantly in favour of arm B (median 8.0 vs 5.3 months; P=0.016). Both irradiation schedules provided comparable, effective palliation of tumour-related symptoms. The improved overall survival and treatment convenience of 2-fraction schedule suggest its usefulness in the routine management of symptomatic inoperable NSCLC.

Knowledge, attitudes and practice of secondary school girls towards contraception in Limpopo Province

Ramathuba,Dorah U.; Khoza,Lunic B.; Netshikweta,Mutshinyalo L.
Fonte: Curationis Publicador: Curationis
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/01/2012 Português
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Unplanned teenage pregnancy constitutes an important health problem, whilst contraceptive services are free throughout South Africa and the number of Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) services is increasing. The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of secondary school girls towards Contraception in Thulamela Municipality of Limpopo Province, South Africa. A quantitative descriptive study design was used and respondents were selected by convenience sampling from a population of secondary school girls, the sample consisting of 273 girls in Grades 10-12. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data and analysed by computing frequencies and percentages using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences. Findings showed that respondents were aware of different contraceptive methods that can prevent pregnancy. However, most did not have knowledge of the emergency contraceptive, intra-uterine device and female condom. Pressure from male partners, fear of parental reaction to the use of contraceptives, reluctance to use contraceptives, poor contraceptive education and lack of counselling were seen as the main causes of ineffective contraceptive use and non-utilisation. Possible modalities of intervention deal with providing contraceptive counselling and care to empower these school girls to make informed choices on reproductive health.